Adjustable Beds

Leggett & Platt offers stylish adjustable bases that combine state-of-the-art technology with superior craftsmanship to deliver sought-after features like massage, under-bed lighting, and programmable customized positions.

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A foldable, head and foot wireless base that is parcel carrier-friendly, zero clearance, and compatible with most platform and slat beds. This base features memory, under-bed light, and adjustable legs.

Flight M

A foldable head and foot wireless base enhanced with dual massage with a wave feature. This parcel carrier-friendly base features a zero clearance design compatible with most platform and slat beds; a remote with reprogrammable anti-snore, zero gravity, and memory positions; an under-bed light; adjustable legs; and integrated USB charging.

Symmetry SP

A feature-loaded adjustable base that maximizes comfort with pillow tilt articulation and dual massage with wave setting. Most sizes are parcel carrier-friendly, and the zero clearance design is compatible with most platform and slat beds. It features a sleek capacitive-touch remote that operates programmable, preset comfort positions; an under-bed light; and a one-touch flat button. Or use the convenient app control compatible with Apple and Android devices. Plug your favorite device into the integrated USB chargers for easy access and convenience.


A premium adjustable base featuring Wallhugger® technology, pillow tilt articulation, and dual massage with wave. The zero clearance design is compatible with solid-surface platforms. Additional comfort and convenience features include programmable memory positions, under-bed light, adjustable legs, USB charging, and app controls for Apple and Android devices.

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